[Flickr 2013] Shortcut keys

Flickr redesigned.
Press '?' key. You can see keyboard shortcuts.

Contacts list view.

Press J : Scrol to next row.
Press K : Scroll to previous row.

(Row is ignored)
Press Space : Scroll down.
Press Shift + Space : scroll up.

Photos view.

[ Navi ]
Press -> :  Next photo.
Press -< :  Previous photo.
Press > : Move the filmstrip (to right)
Press < : Move the filmstrip (to left)
Press ] : Open the next filmstrip
Press [ : Open the previous filmstrip

[ Action ]
Press F : Add to your favorite.
Press G : Add to a group.
Press E : Add a set.
Press A : Add a gallery.
Press C : Jump to comment field.
Press T : Jump to tag field.
Press P : Jump to person field.

Keyboard shortcuts can manipulate photos quickly.



Excel で一部の図形だけ固定する